Gum Grafting in Montgomery, MN: Revitalizing Your Smile with Montgomery Family Dental

Gum grafting is more than a dental procedure; it's a transformative experience, one that brings countless benefits to your dental health and overall smile. At Montgomery Family Dental, Dr. Seth Huiras and Dr. Kurt Erickson masterfully handle gum grafting in Montgomery, MN, ensuring patients' teeth are shielded from sensitivity, potential tooth decay, and the unsightly appearance that gum recession can bring.


Gum grafting involves using a small piece of your own soft tissue to cover areas around teeth that have receded. Gum recession can be caused by aggressive brushing, smoking and gum disease. Not only does this make the teeth more sensitive, but it can increase the chances of developing tooth decay. We will use a small piece of soft tissue extracted from the palate area of the mouth and then graft it in front of these teeth.

What exactly is the procedure of gum grafting?

When we talk about gum grafting, we refer to a surgical process where a small piece of soft tissue is taken from the palate region of your mouth. This tissue is meticulously positioned in areas where the gums have receded due to factors like aggressive brushing, smoking, or gum diseases. Gum recession not only makes teeth more sensitive but can also significantly up the chances of tooth decay.

Why is gum grafting essential, especially in areas like Montgomery, MN?

While brushing and flossing play a crucial role in maintaining oral health, sometimes external factors lead to receded gums. Habitual smoking, aggressive brushing, and gum diseases are major culprits. This gum recession exposes teeth more to decay and might even have aesthetic implications. Considering the localities of Lonsdale, New Prague, Le Center, Kilkenny, and Heidelberg, gum grafting serves as a shield, ensuring a healthy, beautiful smile.

How do I know if I'm an ideal candidate for gum grafting?

It all starts with a detailed examination at Montgomery Family Dental. If Dr. Seth Huiras or Dr. Kurt Erickson observes moderate to severe gum recession, they might recommend gum grafting. If the recession is minimal, a change in oral hygiene practices might suffice. But if gum grafting is the recommended route, it's always wise to opt for the procedure sooner rather than later.

What happens after gum grafting?

Once you've undergone the gum grafting procedure, with the expert hands of Dr. Seth Huiras or Dr. Kurt Erickson guiding the process, the healing phase begins. The grafted tissue will gradually bond with the surrounding gum area. To ensure the longevity of the graft and to prevent further gum recession, adopting best oral practices like quitting smoking and shifting to a soft-bristle electric toothbrush is advised.

How long does it take to recover from a gum graft? And what about the risks?

The recovery time varies, but typically patients can resume their normal routines within a few days, with some precautions. As with any surgical procedure, there are potential risks or complications of gum graft surgery, but with our experienced doctors at Montgomery Family Dental, these risks are minimized.

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